SPRING DANCE POEM by Jennifer Solley



by Jennifer Solley (Vancouver Circle Dancer)


 We come together to celebrate

To dance with the courage of the snowdrop

To dance with the grace and glow of the crocus, smiling at the sun

To dance with radiance of the daffodil, standing tall and majestic

To dance with the splendor of the tulip in the glow of its many colours


We come together in celebration

To dance with peace, joy, and delight

To dance with love, warmth and harmony

To dance together with the renewal and vibrancy of spring

To dance together like a bouquet of spring flowers, basking in the magic of the dance


The inspiration for Jennifer’s poem:  I helped Darlene with the welcome card for all participants at the Rivendell Women’s Retreat.   She also asked me if I could write a poem or find something to put inside the welcome card with the theme being welcoming everyone and Spring.    I had just come back from a walk at Van Dusen Gardens and enjoying all the Spring flowers and the poem arrived!


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