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Check out this directory to see how many countries around the world are offering Circle Dance.

United Kingdom – Grapevine Magazine



International Facilitators

 website with a particular interest for musicians 

Barbara Driscoll – England

Bears (Marina & John) – California, USA

Brian Steere 

Chrisandra Harris – England

Freedmans (Stefan & Bethan) – England 

Friedel Kloke-Eibl – Germany

Gabriele Wosien – Germany

Judy King – England

June Watts – England/Spain

Laura Shannon – Greece

Lesley Laslett – England

Mandy DeWinter – England 

Nanni Kloke

Pablo Scornik – Argentina

Paul Boizot – England 


Findhorn (located in Scotland/the birthplace of Sacred/Circle Dance in the English-speaking world)

Peter Vallance (Findhorn)- Scotland

Rosie & Ian Turnbull (Findhorn Outreach)- Scotland

Susanne Anders Bartholomai (Findhorn)  – Scotland


                  June Watts facilitating at a BC Summer Danceshop


There are many videos available on the internet.  Here are a few favourites:

Circle Dance For Peace

Circle of Life (No. 1) – April 2015 London

Transcend-Dance – Thoughts on Sacred Circle Dance

 Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 5.00.28 PM


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