Edmonton Celebrates 25 Years of Dance!

photo by Sheryl Ackerman

25th Anniversary for the Edmonton Dance Circle

On October 10, 2018, the Edmonton circle will be celebrating 25 years of dance!  This is quite an accomplishment and we here in BC celebrate with them in spirit and congratulate them.  Over the years they have danced regularly and hosted many international teachers.  If you check out our resource page on this site it seems many of the international teachers listed have been to Edmonton!  Huge Thanks to Bernice and the Edmonton dancers for their long-time love, passion, dedication and commitment to our Dance!!!

On a personal note – My 2nd Circle Dance experience was in Edmonton in December of 2001 with Mair at Westwood Unitarian church.  I remember being greeted so kindly by the late Shelia MacLean and her daughter Dawn.  I was so blessed to dance with the Edmonton circle quite regularly when I’d return for visits to my hometown from 2002-2016 which included several workshops with international teachers.  I’m so grateful to the Edmonton circle.  Wishing you many more years of dancing!  ~Blessings, Corinne