Dancing with Laura Shannon


picture from Laura Shannon at UCV in Vancouver a few years back

Over 25 women have been in the 2 year Women’s Ritual Dance Training program in Nanaimo with Laura Shannon that started in October 2017.   It’s an amazing exploration of traditional women’s dances of Greece, Armenia and the Balkans.  Laura is considered one of the ‘grandmothers’ of Circle Dance with over 30 years of research and teaching and worldwide she is known for her pioneering approach to traditional women’s dances as tools for healing and transformation.  For more about Laura please see her website   laurashannon.net

QUEBEC, 2020…..If you’d like to dance with Laura in Quebec, Diane Schreiner (one of our Nanaimo training participants) is organizing a dance opportunity there with venue and dates confirmed:   September 17-18-19-20, 2020 .  As well  Diane is seeking interest in a another training opportunity with Laura in Eastern Canada beginning in 2021 or 2022.

Please contact Diane for more info about the 2020 workshop and/or the training:  diane.schreiner(at)bell(dot)net