Dancing Poem

Sacred Circle Dance

by Kathy Lenz*

 Stepping into the circle,
 unsure of what was to happen,
 joining hands, feeling welcome
 as each warm face glanced a smile.
 The rhythmic beauty of the music began,
 being led by a wonderful spirit of the dance.
 Body moving and swaying, hands snapping, clapping,
 holding, energy pulsing, sharing…
 Smooth swish of feet, tapping, lifting, twirling…
 Not only my feet, but my soul was lifted,
 soothing my very being…
 with joy, with love, with peace.
 Dancing in the soft light of strangers
 by a flickering candle centered between us.
 What beauty shown on each face, as if dancing with Angels.
 Creating a dance of acceptance and oneness.
 I felt as though we had danced many times before,
 in another realm, in another lifetime.
 I did not want to let go of this beautiful moment in time
 wanting to stay in the circle throughout eternity.
 And in those silent moments, with hands and hearts
 I could only imagine and dream of a place…
 where I will dance forever
 with the Angels.


*with permission


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