More Tuesday Dancing in Victoria



Now 2nd, 3rd* and 4th Tuesday evenings…..7:00-9:00 pm

*3rd Tuesdays are a new addition

January 9, 16, 23, 30
February 13, 20, 27
March 13, 20, 27

*’Dancing Angel’ discount available until JAN 15 

If you’d like to come to most of the evenings (10 in all), please consider becoming a Dancing Angel for one $50 payment. You can do this by bringing cash or a cheque (payable to the Victoria Dancing Circle) to the circle in the new year or by sending an electronic transfer.  Please contact  victoriadancingcircle(at)gmail(dot)com if you’d like to send an e-transfer.
Drop-in fee for each session will remain at $8.

Dancing Poem

Sacred Circle Dance

by Kathy Lenz*

 Stepping into the circle,
 unsure of what was to happen,
 joining hands, feeling welcome
 as each warm face glanced a smile.
 The rhythmic beauty of the music began,
 being led by a wonderful spirit of the dance.
 Body moving and swaying, hands snapping, clapping,
 holding, energy pulsing, sharing…
 Smooth swish of feet, tapping, lifting, twirling…
 Not only my feet, but my soul was lifted,
 soothing my very being…
 with joy, with love, with peace.
 Dancing in the soft light of strangers
 by a flickering candle centered between us.
 What beauty shown on each face, as if dancing with Angels.
 Creating a dance of acceptance and oneness.
 I felt as though we had danced many times before,
 in another realm, in another lifetime.
 I did not want to let go of this beautiful moment in time
 wanting to stay in the circle throughout eternity.
 And in those silent moments, with hands and hearts
 I could only imagine and dream of a place…
 where I will dance forever
 with the Angels.


*with permission


Website Contributions Accepted

Summer Solstice Dance  2017 with Jen Boyes-Manseau – Nanaimo BC


BC Circle dancers and facilitators are welcome to share their Circle Dance-related writings, resources, events etc. on this website (i.e. poems, dancing memories, pictures, books, videos etc.).

Please send your submissions to dancingmachine(at)telus(dot)net

Please see the latest addition on our COMMUNITY/INSPIRATION PAGE:  Honouring the Sacred Wheel of the Year in Dance  Dec 2016-Nov 2017   by Jen Boyes-Manseau.  Thank-You Jen!

Circle Dance Conference at Neskaya

 ‘Joining Hands’ Circle Dance Conference

April 20-22, 2018

Neskaya (in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA)

1643 Profile Road, Franconia

*Nearest international airports: Boston or Montreal.

Sacred Circle Dance has been such a great gift to us that we feel inspired to spread the word about it through our communities here in New England and further afield. As a step in this direction, we’re planning to present our first-ever Circle Dance conference “Joining Hands” in April 2018. (We think it might be the first Circle Dance conference ever held anywhere!)

We’re inviting speakers who will explain, and demonstrate, how they integrate Circle Dance into the worlds of education, healing, therapy and spirituality. There will also be plenty of time to dance, and to socialize.

We’re reaching out for our participants not just to Circle Dancers, but to people from those worlds mentioned above whom we hope will see the value of using Circle Dance in their lives and professional practices.

Accommodation:  Limited accommodation is available at Neskaya itself (also before and after the conference should you wish to stay longer) and there are several motels and a ski area nearby.

You can find full details of the “Joining Hands” conference at:

There’s also a link from the main Neskaya web page which is at:

Contact: Julia Lynam at



June Watts – 30 years of Danceshops in Western Canada

June Watts being ‘crowned’ with hand-made Garland (Eaglenest Sanctuary – Shawnigan Lake –  July 30, 2017)

Her first choreography ‘White Bird’ was then danced by particpants of the weekend danceshop in her honour.

June Watts – Honouring her 30 years of Danceshops 

June Watts  our beloved Circle Dance teacher, mentor, dancing sister and friend has been facilitating danceshops on the West Coast of Canada (in both B.C. and Alberta) for 30 years (since 1987)!  We’ve been so blessed to dance with her on the West Coast and some of us have travelled to dance with her in other locations around the world.  She is an amazing facilitator, so dedicated to the dance who like no other teacher has infused it with such a unique sense of spirit.  She is known for her beautiful and ceremonial ‘White Nights’ and has written one of the few books about Circle Dance – Circle Dancing: Celebrating the Sacred in Dance.  June definitely brings the Sacred to our Dance and she is not only loved and appreciated by so many dancers here in Western Canada but many other dancing places.  For more info about June please visit her website at

*DANCING MEMORIES OF/WITH JUNE TO HONOUR HER 30 YEARS OF DANCE IN WESTERN CANADA:  If you would like to share a memory of dancing with June (to be added to a post on this site), please send to dancingmachine(at)telus(dot)net or simply reply to this post.  

Circle Dancing for Peace – Victoria June 17

Circle Dancing For Peace in Victoria

Ban the Bomb Rally/Dance
Victoria Legislature/Parliament Building

June 17, 2017

Give Peace and Dance a Chance!
Overlapping Circles for Peace

 Music by Louise Ganter Taylor on accordion. Circle Dances led by Chris McCarthy

Overlapping Circles of Peace…..Department of Peace, Raging Grannies, Non-Violent Ban the Bomb group, Unitarian Synchronicity Sisters. Quakers, Church of Truth members and many others rally and circle dance together. Dance request was ‘Spirit of Peace’, one that I learned from a group of visiting Russian Sufis and which we do (very occasionally). It was the perfect request.  “Spirit of Peace…. to your cause we give our strength …..that love may reign and hatred cease. Mir miru mir *” to the tune of ‘Rose Rose’  a four part English round. Mir means earth as well as peace in Russian!   So the whole group sang it, and then added the dancing!  The Falung group of four were sitting by the sidewalk throughout. A youth group with knapsacks on their backs were holding forth with some event. At the close of the hour they were gone. In their stead the Bare Naked Bikers (BNB) made their statement.  As Chris and I were crossing the Legislature Lawn to get to the car the BNB group make their circular exit…..we having bared our souls and they their bodies. A superb ending!

Pax Cultura!
~Louise Ganter Taylor