Circle Dance BC endeavours to inspire the love of circle dance around BC and connect dancers and facilitators. We hope to provide a way of connecting and supporting each other in spreading this sacred dance form.

WHAT is Circle Dance?

“Folk Dance is an activity; Circle Dance is an experience” – Francis, 2005 New England Dance Camp participant

Circle Dance (also known as Sacred Dance or Sacred Circle Dance) came into the English-speaking world through Findhorn (www.findhorn.org), an educational centre/spiritual community/ecovillage in northern Scotland.  Bernhard Wosien, a German dancer, teacher and scholar was invited to bring European dances along with ones he choreographed to a Findhorn conference in 1976.  Wosein called the new dance form he was developing Meditation des Tanzes [Meditation Dances]; he believed that the right mixture of old (traditional folk) and new dances could heal our planet.

We dance with intent and awareness, often sending out specific energy to people and/or places.  Dances range from lively to meditative and from traditional to contemporary. We dance to an inspiring variety of music from around the world, taking an opportunity to connect with spirit, each other and the ancient wisdom of those who have danced before us.

IMG_0715_0008WHY Circle Dance?

“To dance together as a group, moving to the same rhythm in time is a beautiful meditation and bonding of souls.” – Zuzanna Vee

* Dancers come to the circle for a variety of reasons including community, celebration, fun, healing, spirit and peace.

* The circle is a symbol for unity and equality; it is a safe place where you’ll feel a sense of belonging.

* Dances are taught each session; they are usually not so challenging that you have to worry about getting the steps “right.”  Some circles promote the mantra:  “There are no wrong steps, only variations.”  Participation in the experience of dancing counts much more than perfection!

* Many dancers comment that they’ve discovered a world of music through Circle Dance, including classical, jazz, pop and folk music from a variety of countries.


How to Circle Dance?

“To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.” – Hopi Saying

We often say in the Circle Dance world that we “join heart and hands.”  The most important thing you can bring to the circle is an open heart.  An open mind also helps; hold no expectations – just experience the gifts the dances offer us.  Bring yourself and your friends. Partners are not required; special dance wear or shoes are not required; and previous dance experience is not necessary, for all dances are taught/reviewed each session.

WHO can Circle Dance?

“Come, come, whoever you are.” – Rumi

Circle Dance is appropriate for many different ages and backgrounds.  Dances can be adapted to suit a variety of ages and abilities.