Circle Dancing for Peace – Victoria June 17

Circle Dancing For Peace in Victoria

Ban the Bomb Rally/Dance
Victoria Legislature/Parliament Building

June 17, 2017

Give Peace and Dance a Chance!
Overlapping Circles for Peace

 Music by Louise Ganter Taylor on accordion. Circle Dances led by Chris McCarthy

Overlapping Circles of Peace…..Department of Peace, Raging Grannies, Non-Violent Ban the Bomb group, Unitarian Synchronicity Sisters. Quakers, Church of Truth members and many others rally and circle dance together. Dance request was ‘Spirit of Peace’, one that I learned from a group of visiting Russian Sufis and which we do (very occasionally). It was the perfect request.  “Spirit of Peace…. to your cause we give our strength …..that love may reign and hatred cease. Mir miru mir *” to the tune of ‘Rose Rose’  a four part English round. Mir means earth as well as peace in Russian!   So the whole group sang it, and then added the dancing!  The Falung group of four were sitting by the sidewalk throughout. A youth group with knapsacks on their backs were holding forth with some event. At the close of the hour they were gone. In their stead the Bare Naked Bikers (BNB) made their statement.  As Chris and I were crossing the Legislature Lawn to get to the car the BNB group make their circular exit…..we having bared our souls and they their bodies. A superb ending!

Pax Cultura!
~Louise Ganter Taylor

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