RONDO MUZIKA – April 25 – Live Music Dance in Ladner



with RONDO MUZIKA & Facilitator Wendy Anne Park


1:00-5:00 pm

Ladner, BC


Original repertoire with some new dancing delights will be offered to inspire us all.

No experience necessary; all dances taught.

*For more info and Pre-Registration (required), Please contact circledanceladner(at)gmail(dot)com


February 27-March 6  2020

Join a larger circle of dancers from around the world for the 25th Anniversary of this amazing Circle Dance Festival in Mexico.
Many dancers from BC and beyond have attended this festival and it comes highly recommended for the community, sun, joy and spirit as well as various activities and outings.
And…..the price is super reasonable!
For more info:


*Note: This was originally posted Nov 7 and updated Dec 5.

Hi BC Circle Dancers & Facilitators,

Our Circle Dance website ( which was a vision in 2015 and went online in 2016 now needs a new Maintenance Person.  Corinne will be giving up this position in March 2020.  The site is paid for up until March 15, 2020 and funding would be required after that (possibly through continued East Vancouver dance donations or another source).

This is a volunteer job and would be ideal for someone who wants to support our BC Circle Dance community and has a bit of time each month to do a posting as well as be in touch with BC facilitators regarding their circles and special events.  Some knowledge/experience with word press and SEO would be helpful (although not mandatory).

Alternately there is the possibility of someone creating a free webpage/site and keeping that updated.  Content from the this site could be used.

***Please let Corinne (dancingmachine(at)telus(dot)net) know asap if you’re interested in either of the 2 suggested options above.***

*Facilitators – Please let your dancers know via email or use this this website link for the next few months.

Laura Shannon & Kostantis Kourmadias in BC (September 2020)


SEPTEMBER 26, 27, 28, 29th (2020) 

note:  This original posting/info from December 5, 2019 was updated *February 4, 2020*

Laura Shannon (, our beloved teacher will return this Fall with her husband and musician Kostantis Kourmadias.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity of dancing to Live Music by Kostantis as well as concerts with both Laura and Kostantis!  Dates & contacts for Vancouver, Ladner, Saanich and Victoria:

Traditional Ritual Dances with Live Music & Live Music Concerts:

26 September 2020VANCOUVER
Traditional Ritual Dances with live music from Laura and Kostantis, plus an evening concert. Contact Mairy Beam

27 September 2020, LADNER (near Vancouver)
Love Songs of Heaven and Earth: Greek, Armenian, Turkish, Kurdish, Albanian, Roma, and Jewish Songs. Concert with Laura and Kostantis. Contact Ladner Circle Dance

28 September 2020, SAANICH (near Victoria), Vancouver Island
Love Songs of Heaven and Earth: Greek, Armenian, Turkish, Kurdish, Albanian, Roma, and Jewish Songs. House concert with Kostantis and Laura. Contact Madelaine Clarke

29 September 2020, VICTORIA, Vancouver Island
Traditional Ritual Dances for women and men, with live music from Laura and Kostantis. Contact Victoria Dancing Circle


Next World Circle Dance Day (July 5, 2020)

note:  This posting was originally published July 12 and was updated Dec. 5

JULY 5, 2020


The picture above is from July 7, 2019 at the Unitarian Centre in Vancouver (UCV) in honour of World Sacred/Circle Dance Day.  We danced the 3 ‘link-up’ dances:  Pilgrim’s Dance, Tread Gently and Offering Govand (Trad. Armenian) as well as a couple of others and repeated dances to get them more in our bodies and go deeper in to the dance.  It was a beautiful afternoon of dance and knowing dancers from all around the world were dancing on the same day made it even more special!

For more info about World (Sacred) Circle Dance Day and many other Circle Dance locations throughout the world:

Dance Down Memory Lane (mid 90’s with June Watts)

Recently Louise Taylor unearthed some photos from the 1st danceshop with June Watts at Corunum Yurt (just outside Victoria).  Betsy scanned them for our website and June wrote Betsy mentioning she thought they were either from 1994 or 1995.  This was before the walls were put up and June mentioned in an email to Betsy that she loved the yurt with no walls and felt ‘walled-in’ when dancing the following year!  June has been offering Circle Dance ‘dance’ shops in Western Canada since 1987!

The Experience of Meaning in Circle Dance

Below is an excerpt from an abstract published April 2016 in the Journal of Occupational Science

Sense of Security & Stability

One respondent (F32), who had been involved for 14 years, remarked how her local circle dance group represented an “anchor-point”, providing a sense of security and stability. Knowing that she could always attend the group due to its regular frequency (weekly), time and venue, allowed her to regard circle dance asa sanctuary”, a constant occupation in her life, a space she could always rely on, with her circle dance friends there to help her in any circumstance. Another participant (F14) also realized this occupation had been specifically helpful during difficult periods in her life, mentioning the relevance of preserving circle dance in her routine and having the freedom to attend or return to it whenever necessary.!po=5.38462

Website Contributions Accepted

Summer Solstice Dance  2017 with Jen Boyes-Manseau – Nanaimo BC

BC Circle dancers and facilitators are welcome to share their Circle Dance-related writings, resources, events etc. on this website (i.e. poems, dancing memories, pictures, books, videos etc.).  Please send your submissions to dancingmachine(at)telus(dot)net

June Watts – 30 years of Danceshops in Western Canada

June Watts being ‘crowned’ with hand-made Garland (Eaglenest Sanctuary – Shawnigan Lake –  July 30, 2017)

Her first choreography ‘White Bird’ was then danced by particpants of the weekend danceshop in her honour.

June Watts – Honouring her 30 years of Danceshops 

June Watts  our beloved Circle Dance teacher, mentor, dancing sister and friend has been facilitating danceshops on the West Coast of Canada (in both B.C. and Alberta) for 31 years (since 1987)!  We’ve been so blessed to dance with her on the West Coast and some of us have travelled to dance with her in other locations around the world.  She is an amazing facilitator, so dedicated to the dance who like no other teacher has infused it with such a unique sense of spirit.  She is known for her beautiful and ceremonial ‘White Nights’ and has written one of the few books about Circle Dance – Circle Dancing: Celebrating the Sacred in Dance.  June definitely brings the Sacred to our Dance and she is not only loved and appreciated by so many dancers here in Western Canada but many other dancing places.  For more info about June please visit her website at