Dancing with Laura Shannon

picture of Laura’s most recent visit to Vancouver a few years ago

Over 25 women have been participating in the 2 year training in Nanaimo of Women’s Ritual Dances with Laura Shannon that started in October of 2017.  Laura is known worldwide for her pioneering approach to traditional women’s dances as tools for transformation and healing with over 30 years of teaching and research.  For more info about Laura please visit her website: laurashannon.net  One of the the training participants, Diane Schreiner has organized a workshop in Quebec for 2020.

Dancing with Laura in Quebec – MARK YOUR CALENDAR:  September 17-18-19-20, 2020 .

As well, Diane is seeking interest in a possible training with Laura to commence in 2021 or 2022.

Please contact Diane for more info:  diane.schreiner(at)bell(dot)net  



Edmonton Celebrates 25 Years of Dance!

photo by Sheryl Ackerman

25th Anniversary for the Edmonton Dance Circle

On October 10, 2018, the Edmonton circle will be celebrating 25 years of dance!  This is quite an accomplishment and we here in BC celebrate with them in spirit and congratulate them.  Over the years they have danced regularly and hosted many international teachers.  If you check out our resource page on this site it seems many of the international teachers listed have been to Edmonton!  Huge Thanks to Bernice and the Edmonton dancers for their long-time love, passion, dedication and commitment to our Dance!!!

On a personal note – My 2nd Circle Dance experience was in Edmonton in December of 2001 with Mair at Westwood Unitarian church.  I took my mother who chose the angel of ‘obedience’ and she shared rather curtly her opposition to that angel (as many of us have!).  I remember being greeted so kindly by the late Shelia MacLean and her daughter Dawn.  I was so blessed to dance with the Edmonton circle quite regularly when I’d return for visits to my hometown from 2002-2016 which included several workshops with international teachers.  Bernice, Sheryl and others always welcomed me as if I was a ‘regular’…..I’m so grateful to the Edmonton circle.  Wishing you many more years of dancing!  ~Blessings, Corinne



2019 Summer Dancing with June Watts

June Watts – Summer 2019

Shawnigan Lake, BC – Unfortunately there will be no Summer 2019 danceshop with June next year at Shawnigan Lake.

Please consider joining June for Summer danceshops in Northern BC & Southern Alberta (info posted closer to those dates) and you can always check out more dance opportunities with her at www.junewatts.com
*Please see posts below about June’s 30 plus years of sharing dance in Western Canada and June in the early years. 

2019 Rivendell Retreat (Bowen Island) – Mark your Calendars



This retreat is hugely popular and the most recent one (June 1-3, 2018) sold out within a couple of days!  It was a wonderful time with about 20 dancers.  Rivendell is such a much-loved and utilized space for many different groups and personal retreatants that we usually have to wait to get a space about 1 – 1.5 years in advance.  So…..Mark your calendar if you’d like to join us next time.    * NOTE:  Extended retreat in 2019 (1 day added!)


Dance Down Memory Lane (mid 90’s with June Watts)

Recently Louise Taylor unearthed some photos from the 1st danceshop with June Watts at Corunum Yurt (just outside Victoria).  Betsy scanned them for our website and June wrote Betsy mentioning she thought they were either from 1994 or 1995.  This was before the walls were put up and June mentioned in an email to Betsy that she loved the yurt with no walls and felt ‘walled-in’ when dancing the following year!  June has been offering Circle Dance ‘dance’ shops in Western Canada since 1987!

***Please refer to the posting below for 3 opportunities this Summer to dance with her in Northern BC and Southern Alberta.


The Experience of Meaning in Circle Dance

Below is an excerpt from an abstract published April 2016 in the Journal of Occupational Science

Sense of Security & Stability

One respondent (F32), who had been involved for 14 years, remarked how her local circle dance group represented an “anchor-point”, providing a sense of security and stability. Knowing that she could always attend the group due to its regular frequency (weekly), time and venue, allowed her to regard circle dance asa sanctuary”, a constant occupation in her life, a space she could always rely on, with her circle dance friends there to help her in any circumstance. Another participant (F14) also realized this occupation had been specifically helpful during difficult periods in her life, mentioning the relevance of preserving circle dance in her routine and having the freedom to attend or return to it whenever necessary.


Website Contributions Accepted

Summer Solstice Dance  2017 with Jen Boyes-Manseau – Nanaimo BC


BC Circle dancers and facilitators are welcome to share their Circle Dance-related writings, resources, events etc. on this website (i.e. poems, dancing memories, pictures, books, videos etc.).  Please send your submissions to dancingmachine(at)telus(dot)net

June Watts – 30+ years of Danceshops in Western Canada

June Watts being ‘crowned’ with hand-made Garland (Eaglenest Sanctuary – Shawnigan Lake –  July 30, 2017)

Her first choreography ‘White Bird’ was then danced by particpants of the weekend danceshop in her honour.

June Watts – Honouring her 31 years of Danceshops 

June Watts  our beloved Circle Dance teacher, mentor, dancing sister and friend has been facilitating danceshops on the West Coast of Canada (in both B.C. and Alberta) for 31 years (since 1987)!  We’ve been so blessed to dance with her on the West Coast and some of us have travelled to dance with her in other locations around the world.  She is an amazing facilitator, so dedicated to the dance who like no other teacher has infused it with such a unique sense of spirit.  She is known for her beautiful and ceremonial ‘White Nights’ and has written one of the few books about Circle Dance – Circle Dancing: Celebrating the Sacred in Dance.  June definitely brings the Sacred to our Dance and she is not only loved and appreciated by so many dancers here in Western Canada but many other dancing places.  For more info about June please visit her website at www.junewatts.com

*DANCING MEMORIES OF/WITH JUNE TO HONOUR HER 30 YEARS OF DANCE IN WESTERN CANADA:  If you would like to share a memory of dancing with June (to be added to a post on this site), please send to dancingmachine(at)telus(dot)net or simply reply to this post.